Cruising Vs Traditional Holiday

Cruise holidays: a guide for first-timers

The first big advantage that a cruise line over a traditional holiday is that it gives you the chance to see more than one place at a time. So if you’ve been thinking of seeing a bit of Spain, and your partner fancies visiting Italy, you could combine both and even a few other places along the way by taking a cruise.

With Legend Cruises you can enjoy special events and witness the beauty of Sydney’s ferries. You can hire a cruise for many different events or occasions such as Boxing Day, birthday cruises, engagement, hen’s night, bucks night, uni graduations and parties, weddings and more.

With family cruises, you get to enjoy all the amenities that a traditional holiday in a beachside resort offers. There will usually be a choice of restaurants, a swimming pool, and places to sunbathe, and lots of exciting things to do that will vary from ship to ship.

You could try wall climbing or volleyball, watch a comedy show, or see a film. There are shops and spa treatments, kids clubs and more to enjoy, and all of it begins from the moment you step on board.

Your floating hotel complex will meanwhile take you from place to place and give you the chance to enjoy excursions that can be as varied as the places you visit. You might try scuba diving over a reef by the beach, visiting a big city to do some shopping, or travelling around and seeing the tourist sight old and new. There are plenty of opportunities for all these and more when you go on a cruise.

All the hassles of travelling to your destination are taken away and your holiday begins from the moment you step on board and lasts right until you dock back in your home country. There are no worries about running out of things to do or see either. Each day a new location and new sights to see can be yours.

So next time you’re thinking of booking a traditional bucket and spade holiday, think again. Perhaps a cruise might be just up your street.