The Best & Most Exciting Ways of Travelling Around the UK

The UK has its fair amount of stunning sights to visit, but how are you going to get to all of them? Luckily for you, the UK is small and takes under a day to get from one side of the island to the other. Below are the best ways of travelling around the UK. Carry on reading for more.

Reach your destination in no timeTravel around the UK via train

A train journey on the National Rail service is one of the fastest ways of travelling. However, buying your tickets with little notice and in peak hours is the most expensive way and we certainly do not recommend this.

Book your ticket weeks in advance and during off-peak times and you will see the cost of tickets reduced. Browse tickets here.

Affordable Hire

Going on public transport to get around fast is tricky, especially when you are with a group of friends. It can be easier to just hire minibus

What’s in the mini bus?

  • 16 seats
  • National coverage
  • Friendly drivers

If you live in Essex and prefer to get around faster, quicker and easier, hire a minibus.

Fares from as little as £1

Many of us Brits know that the cheapest way of getting around the UK is on the MegaBus. MegaBus regularly hold deals where tickets around the country at £1, but don’t worry if you miss a deal as tickets rarely exceed the £15 mark. See: Special Offers.

The negative side to MegaBus is the time it takes to reach each destination. If you don’t mind browsing the scenery from the window then you’re in luck, that’s if you do get the window seat.

Begin your journey in a Bentley GTHire a luxury car today

Nows for the fun part. Imagine travelling around the UK in a car as luxurious as the Bentley GT.  This dream can be made a reality with luxury car hire with Hertz’ Dream Collection partner, City Inter-Rent. Start your journey.

Hire this automatic beauty that has enough space for two people and a piece of luggage in the back for just £495 a day. Such an amazing bargain to experience this car of pure sophistication. I bet you can’t wait to experience the thrill of being behind the driver’s seat of this car.