The ULTIMATE Guide to Travelling Cheap

How to travel on a budget

Wherever you plan on going away this summer, your holiday doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Here are a few tips and hints, which could help you travel on a budget.


How to Prepare For a Financial Emergency While Travelling 

Set a budget

One of the golden rules of relying on a budget is to set one out. Before going overseas consider what you can realistically afford and how much you plan on spending. The last thing you want to return home to is post-holiday blues with post-holiday debt. In the run-up to your holiday, start saving to make sure you have enough cash for your needs. It would also be advisable to have an emergency fund set aside.

Travel light

If you’re travelling via a budget airline, more often than not they will charge you for taking large luggage on board. If you can survive for the duration of your trip with everything you can jam into hand luggage, it could save you money.   Alternatively, avoid airport fees altogether by getting a coach or train to a European holiday destination.

Cut the cost of your travel

Avoid tourist inflated taxi prices by jumping on the local bus or train.

Once you arrive it would be utile to hire an airport limousine especially if you are with a group of people. This is practical for airport transfers. Depending on where you are travelling from, you could be tired, therefore, hiring airport limousine would help to avoid the stress of paying for transport in a foreign country as the costs could be expensive. Airlink is a company that provides transport for airport transfers. They also provide chauffeured cars, limousines, coaches and buses for corporate or private parties as well. You can choose to drive the vehicle yourself or be chauffeur-driven.

You can often find out from the local tourism information centre. If there is a large group of you, you might be able to find discounted travel passes.

Alternatively, hire a car with your friends and split the petrol and driving. If you are hiring a car it is always worth taking out car hire excess insurance in advance when booking. There are plenty of websites available to help you find the best deals on car hire insurance, but a top tip for cash-savvy tourists is to compare prices online in advance.

  1. Accommodation

Youth hostels are hardly the most glamorous forms of accommodation; however, you get what you pay for. They are cheap, reasonable and in most cases clean. They make a great alternative to expensive hotels and also give you the chance to meet new people.  Couch surfing is another great option for those who want to stay in Europe for free. This simply involves you staying with a host in their country and you offer your sofa up should they come to visit.

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